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PhiTools was first a spontaneous gathering of competences in neurosciences and computers sciences between PhD students at the University Louis Pasteur (ULP) in Strasbourg, France.

To provide software solutions to the world of biomedicine, the company has been launched in 2001 with the help of SEMIA, the local business incubator, and BIOVALLEY, an regional development agency. Since then PhiTools has been acknowledged by numerous customers in France, Belgium, Switzerland and North America reporting full satisfaction in using our software solutions.

To boost its scientific and technological advances, PhiTools has developed collaborations and partnerships with different laboratories and research centers ( INSERM-UCBL, CNRS, SSA, INPG).

In the USA, the PRANA® Software Suite has been approved as a validated technology by the US Department of Veteran Affairs. Here you can consult our software's One-VA Technical Reference Model

For any information, contact us at: contact@phitools.com

PhiTools provides advanced software solutions and services for biosignal processing, sleep analysis, psychophysiological research and clinical trials. PhiTools, software tools and services for psychophysiology, polysmonography and chronobiology.