PRANA Viewer

The PRANA® software for polysomnography and biosignal processing has powerful and convenient display capabilities to assist expert visualization and facilitate reviewing and interpretation.

topDisplay Options

With its intuitive navigational toolbar and commands, the software allows efficient visualisation and exploration of digital biosignal recordings at multiple time scales using synchronisation markers.

Screenshot of PRANA in Sleep Breathing Disorders
PRANA in sleep breathing disorders
Screenshot of PRANA in Quantitative EEG
PRANA in quantitative EEG

topSession Modes

The PRANA® software for biosignal processing features two different ways to review and analyse multi-channel recordings:

Screenshot of PRANA in Polysomnography
PRANA in polysomnography
Screenshot of PRANA in Iterative Vigilance Tests
PRANA in iterative vigilance tests

With either continuous or sequential recording sessions, one can quickly and easily modify channels, time and amplitude scales, and explore traces using a large palette of navigation tools:

The software offers a permanent access to every session-related information, with an instant and synchronous display of the recorded signals, the expert scored stages and all the software analysis results.

Screenshot of PRANA session recording information
Screenshot of PRANA session analyses information
Screenshot of PRANA session audit information
Session Information Tools

topReview Tools

The software offers a large palette of search tools allowing to quickly and easily locate and navigate to any particular event included in the recordings.

Screenshot of PRANA search tools
Reviewing Tools

The software search tools allow quickly finding any:

topMontage and Filters Tools

Screenshot of PRANA channel setting window
Screenshot of PRANA filter setting window
Screenshot of PRANA tools to import/export montage and filter settings
Channels, montage and filtering tools

The software for expert reviewing of biosignals allows instant montage reformatting using various settings, different channels, filters and scales.

topSignal Denoising Tools

The PRANA® software for biosignal processing offers a large set of blind source separation (BSS) algorithms for independent component analysis (ICA) featuring denoising of artifacted recordings.

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