PRANA Viewer

The PRANA® software for polysomnography and biosignal processing has powerful and convenient recording scoring and annotation capabilities.

The advanced software tools to work with multiple scores and events consist of:

topAdvanced Stage Scoring Tools

The PRANA® software features a stage scoring plug-in supporting any expert classification rules for up-to-10 classes systems (human/animal sleep-wake stages, haemorrhagic shock, anaesthetic depth, etc.).

Screenshot of PRANA in Stage Scoring
PRANA in stage scoring
Screenshot of PRANA Scoring Comparison tools
Scoring comparison tools

topAdvanced Event Marking Tools

The PRANA® software event marking plug-in features, via keyboard keys and mouse functions on the displayed traces, the essential functions of a marking system for recording annotation with a precision of one millisecond.

Screenshot of PRANA in Recording Annotation and Event Marking
PRANA in recording annotation
Screenshot of PRANA Annotation tools
Marking/annotation tools

top Stage and Event Import/Export Tools

The PRANA® software offers a set of convenient tools to import and export scores and events. Scores and events can thus be imported from various external software systems. To see a list of supported systems see the Import/Export section.

Scores and events can also be imported and exported using software-specific ASCII file format with tabulation separators and headers containing all the necessary information to encode scoers and events. See the Import/Export section for more information.

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