PRANA Profiler

Advanced time series visualization and post-processing

Profiler is a software tool specially designed to explore, manipulate and export multivariate time series. The software features various 2-D or 3-D data representation and visualization modes and offers many options for post-processing, transformation, selection and sorting of the data.

Screenshot of Profiler Tools and Options
Profiler tools and options

Profiler allows to merge and compare data from other applications. It automatically recognizes every PRANA® software analyses files but also supports external time series stored in various text and binary data formats.

Profiler offers various options for sorting data according to sleep stages, computing new parameters from existing ones, transforming and re-sampling time series. Explore and prepare multivariate and tridimensional data sets for further statistical analysis using the Profiler temporal or frequency smoothing, averaging and reduction functions.

Screenshot of PRANA Profiler: Sleep EEG bands Screenshot of PRANA Profiler: Sleep EEG bands Screenshot of PRANA Profiler: Sleep EEG spectra Screenshot of PRANA Profiler: Serial EEG waterfall Screenshot of PRANA Profiler: Serial EEG spectra

At any time, save your data as displayed on screen either as img or as result files.

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