PRANA Viewer

From a graphical user interface, the PRANA® Software Suite's Viewer program allows quantitative and visual analysis of multiple polygraphic signals using various montage, re-referencing, filtering options as well as artifact correction and signal denoising based on blind source separation (BSS).

Screenshot of Reviewer for PSG scoring and QEEG analysis
Reviewer for PSG scoring and qEEG analysis

Its complete navigation and search tools ensure a fast and easy recording reviewing and interpretation. Recording annotation and stage scoring can be undertaken easily by simple mouse-clicks and keybord key-presses inserting markers and scores directly from the traces. The PRANA Viewer program also offers an expert scoring system adapted to various classification rules (human/animal sleep and vigilance analysis, haemorrhagic shock, anaesthetic depth, etc.). Any recording portions can be scored by several experts on an epoch-by-epoch basis with selectable epoch durations.

A series of additional graphically interfaced modules accompany the PRANA® Software Suite for polysomnography and biosignal processing. These optional software plug-ins feature general to specific time-varying or event-related quantitative biosignal analysis as well as various transient event and pattern detection methods. Report generators can instantly edit and print comprehensive study reports available as portable computer files including data statistics and graphical representations.


The PRANA® Software Suite supports various data-formats and can be used with digital recordings from virtually any computerized acquisition systems allowing full interoperability between collection and analysis systems.

Direct reviewing support

The software package file-format library supports direct reading of recording files from the following systems:

Additional results importing

The software package file-format library supports importing additional data stored under the following file formats:

Screenshot of PRANA Stage Scoring import tools
Import scores
Screenshot of PRANA Event Marking import tools
Import events

Additional digital recording types can be implemented on demand when the file format used tostored the data is known. For any information, contact us at:

Multiformat data exporting

Independently of the original recording format, the software supports various export options for raw signals to final outcomes:

Screenshot of PRANA Time Series Export tools
Export time series

A software-specific ASCII file format with tabulation separators and standard headers containing all the information necessary to encode various data types ensures exporting and importing the results obtained from any analysis or detection software plug-ins. All results can be opened using any text-file editor (Notepad, Write, etc.).

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