PRANA Release Notes

Version 17.1 of 13-Jun-2022

Version 16.1 of 8-Oct-2021

Version 15 of 10-May-2019

Version 14 of 28-May-2018

Version 13 of 15-May-2017

Version 12 of 16-June-2016

Version 11 of 12-May-2015

Version 10 of 21-Mar-2014

Version 9.9 of 04-Nov-2012

Version 9.8 of 01-Jul-2010

Version 9.7 of 04-Nov-2009

Version 9.6 of 23-Sep-2008

Version 9.4 of 11-Sep-2008

Version 9.2 of 01-May-2008

Version 9.1 of 22-Dec-2007

Version 9.0 of 6-Jan-2007

Version 8.0 of 15-Jan-2006

Version 7.0 of 21-Jun-2005

Version 6.0 of 21-Jun-2004

Version 5.0 of 21-Jun-2003

Version 4.0 of 21-Dec-2002

Version 3.0 of 21-Jun-2002

Version 2.0 of 21-Dec-2001

Version 1.0 of 21-Jun-2001

PhiTools provides advanced software solutions and services for biosignal processing, sleep analysis, psychophysiological research and clinical trials. PhiTools, software tools and services for psychophysiology, polysmonography and chronobiology.